MarcaPex Shoes is a Portuguese company with more than 30 years of experience in the male and female footwear market.

Based in Felgueiras (Portugal), Marcapex Shoes has a tradition in male and female footwear, with shoes, sneakers and boots – classic or sportive. Innovation, skilled work and high-quality materials make the company’s success and the total satisfaction of consumers. Bearing in mind sustainable growth, the company is committed to the modernization and innovation of it’s structures, giving a better answer to the demanding footwear market and the needs and expectations of customers. The organization is structured around production area, technical design room, modern showroom and administrative area. Modern structures combined with the training of employees allow us a high level of production every day, making us one of the most reliable companies in the business.

"MarcaPex Shoes has as it's main mission the satisfaction of customers, as well as the constant innovation in products and processes. One of our strategies is always looking for new markets that challenge us to the high levels."

— Marcapex Team, everyday

Our production process starts with Design and Modeling. Following is Cutting, Sewing and Assembly. The Last Stage Is The Finishing.

Marcapex provides top quality footwear to suit all tastes. All steps are accompanied by an attentive and qualified team so that nothing fails. Our processes have the following order: First · Plan and Create Sketch | Second · Design and Development | Third · Testing and Release.

Planning and Sketching

Design & Development

Testing and Release

We produce any kind of shoes, with the most diverse materials. We are an effective solution for the production you are looking for. Some examples of our work.

We produce Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Sneakers, for men and women. We take care of your order with maximum accuracy and speed.

In order to reach new markets, mecapex is committed to innovation, not only in production but also in technology. Together with a qualified team, these are the requirements to ensure the growth of our company in the sector. this is the strength of the company together with its partners. There are countless companies that join Marcapex to grow in the footwear market and respond to its needs.

" One of our strategies is looking for new markets and customers. Also, beeing always up to date and the training our employees. "

— Catarina & Mara Silva, Owners

Marcapex's main mission is the satisfaction of its partners and customers as well as the constant innovation of its products and production processes.

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